World’s largest wind farm

Date:Thu 30th September 2010
Last week the world’s largest wind farm opened off the Kent Coast which will provide electricity to up to 200,000 homes in Kent.

I have had many people contact me about the use of this type of energy. For some these farms are the answer to our energy requirements, providing seemingly endless renewable energy that will sustain us for generations.

For others they are a blot on the landscape that kills more birds than a rabid cat!

Scientists disagree on their usefulness and the RSPB has moved from opposing wind turbines to now largely supporting their installation. Their capabilities can be exaggerated because their electricity output varies according to the weather and the carbon footprint needed to build them in the first place can often be overlooked.

I have to confess that when I drive past a wind farm I am mesmerised by them. They are fascinating and immediately grab your attention yet I shudder to think of one being built near to my home!

It clearly makes sense to use nature’s own energy sources for our own purpose. If we can trap clean energy and use it to warm our homes or power our cars then this will be one of the greatest achievements of mankind. I can’t help feeling though that this utopian situation is a long way away.

I remain to be convinced that wind farms will revolutionise energy production in the near future. Perhaps they will have a role in contributing to our energy needs.

Britain should have a diverse range of energy production and that includes renewable energy. Yet I can’t help feeling that wind power has some way to go before it can really claim to be the answer to our energy needs in the UK.