Westminster Terrorist Attack

Flowers at Westminster

Last week London suffered a brutal terrorist attack, starting with innocent people being mowed down on Westminster Bridge and ending in New Palace Yard with the savage murder of a dedicated police officer.

The attack has shaken the world and devastated the families of the four people killed and the many injured.

I was walking adjacent to New Palace Yard at the time and heard shouting and then gun fire and the dreadful sight of a policeman lying on the ground.  We were ordered inside by armed police who were quick to try and save their colleague.

The impact of these events on those officers will be long lasting as it will also be to those who were on Westminster Bridge shortly beforehand and were caught up in the terrible events there.

The day after the event I spoke with a close friend and colleague of PC Keith Palmer and there were tears in his eyes as he spoke of the impact it would have on his friend’s family.

When an attack like this happens, the bravery and selflessness of others often comes to the forefront and it was no different last week.  From the first people to tend to the victims, to the ordinary people throughout Westminster who offered a calming word or shelter to a worried passer-by, there was no shortage of kindness.

Looking forward, it is very difficult to try and stop future attacks.  We have to provide security without losing the basic freedoms we all cherish and that terrorism seeks to deny us.

It is those who lost their lives that day we should remember most whilst ensuring that we are united in our resolve to never allow terrorism to beat us.