Victim Support

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Date: Tue 20th March 2012

Last Friday I met with Victim Support to hear about the excellent work they are carrying out to assist victims of crime in Dartford and across Kent.  Victim Support is a national charity which provides help and practical support for victims and witness of crime helping through the criminal justice process and beyond.

During the last quarter alone Victim Support assisted approximately 1,500 people in Dartford who had been a victim or witness to a crime.  This help ranges for helping victims fill in a form to helping with re-housing or claiming compensation.

Having worked in the Criminal Justice system myself for many years, I know just how valued the work of Victim Support is. Not only do they support victims straight after a crime is committed but they also provide the much valued witness support system at Court. This provides a much needed focus on victims and witnesses in the legal system.

Currently Victim Support relies on the hard work of 6,500 trained volunteers across England and Wales who devote some of their spare time to the cause.  In Kent Victim Support are desperate for more volunteers to assist them in their work and I would encourage anyone looking for a new and rewarding challenge to consider donating some of their time to the charity.  For more information about becoming a volunteer for Victim Support go to:

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