Over the past week, members of UKIP have declared their interest in becoming the party’s new leader.

This comes after a rocky few months for the right wing political party and follows the departure of its latest leader, Diane James, who lasted just 18 days as successor to Nigel Farage.

During the last election campaign, I lost count of the number of people who told me I was going to lose my seat to UKIP. I didn’t believe it, but there is no doubt that during the last parliament they enjoyed a surge in popularity, even though they gained less seats than expected.

However, last week, just months after the EU referendum, a poll by Ipsos MORI reported that just 6% of people said their voting intention was UKIP. There is no doubt that party in-fighting and physical fighting in Brussels has caused them huge problems, but I suspect that a bigger problem for them is the fact that people in Britain have voted to leave the EU. This leaves many people legitimately asking ‘What is now the point of UKIP?’ 

There is no doubt that UKIP was capable of banging the populous drum and although I personally have no time for Nigel Farage, he did have the ability of touching on issues that many people cared about. His apparent departure means UKIP no longer has an enigmatic approach to the problems the country faces.

Who knows what will happen in the coming weeks and months and although I am not writing off UKIP just yet, there is no doubt the party is currently struggling for its survival.