Theme Park

Next month, I am meeting a Government Minister to discuss the theme park development planned for the Swanscombe Peninsula.

It is now five years since the project was designated a National Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) by the Communities and Local Government Secretary.

At the time it was thought the plans would lead to massive regeneration of the area as a popular tourist destination as well as the creation of up to 27,000 jobs.

Today, in May 2019, no plans have been submitted and the many businesses which currently own or work in the area do so in continued uncertainty.

There is very little evidence that the theme park developers have the ability or the inclination to build this development. They need to start addressing the real issues including the fact that local people don’t feel like they have been included in the development process up to now.

The whole theme park plan was initially very well received when it was announced but more and more people have growing concerns about the impact it will have on traffic and congestion in the area.

In my meeting with the Minister, I am planning to raise these concerns and inform him about the effects the stagnation of this project is having on the areas earmarked for development.

This project was one of the first NSIPs of its time and I want to know how long this designation lasts and if in fact it can be removed.  Then the land in question and the people who own and run businesses there can start making plans for the future.

The developers’ control over the Swanscombe Peninsula has had a detrimental impact on many businesses and I am hoping this meeting will clarify the situation for my constituents.