The state of the Labour Party

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This week the Fabian Society, which is linked to the Labour Party, produced a report setting out its views on the current state of the Labour Party.

The report is extremely damning and anticipates significant losses for the Labour Party whenever a General Election takes place. It also identifies how nearly half of the people who voted Labour in 2015 will not now do so and therefore it’s no surprise its standing in the polls is at its lowest since the 1980’s. I am a Conservative MP so clearly the Labour Party can ignore my commentary but the Fabian Society are their friends.

I don’t think anybody can dispute the Labour Party is in terrible situation. On issues such as immigration, Trident renewal and the EU it has no clear direction and that is in large part down to Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour MPs openly say in Westminster that they are pinning their hopes on changing their own leadership rules so they can oust him but the Trade Unions are largely supportive of him and will not make it easy.

Some may say the current situation in the Labour Party makes it easier for the Conservatives. That might be true but it is also true that our country works best when there is an effective opposition.

The Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn as leader is anything but that.

Both Diane Abbott and Ken Livingstone have said the Labour Party has to turn things around this year. The forthcoming Copeland By-Election and the local elections in May will show if they are able to achieve this.

In what is expected to be a challenging year ahead, our nation needs an effective party on the opposite side of the Despatch Box, not a party at war with itself.