Stone Crossing

GJ at Stone Crossing

Ten days ago, Gareth Johnson MP and Stone Parish Council, publicly expressed concern at the situation faced by passengers using Stone Crossing Station. Today (Monday), Gareth Johnson MP and Cllr John Burrell, the Chairman of Stone Parish Council, met with representatives from Network Rail at Stone Crossing Station and were delighted to hear Network Rail have agreed to extend the hours the Level Crossing is manned from, starting this evening.

Previously, for those passengers alighting the last few trains, there was no option to cross back over the tracks towards Stone as the Crossing was not manned late enough for these services.  This meant the only way to cross the lines at night was to use a dark alleyway some distance from the station itself. Network Rail have now confirmed the Crossing will be manned right through to the last train home seven days a week.

Chairman of Stone Parish Council Cllr John Burrell said: I’m delighted that Network Rail have finally committed to providing a long-term solution at Stone Crossing. Passengers have been understandably frustrated by the inadequate arrangements for exiting the station late at night and will no doubt welcome this news as long overdue.”

Gareth Johnson MP said: “Network Rail have responded to the concerns raised by local residents, the Parish Council and myself over safety concerns at the station and will now man the Crossing right through the evening until the last train leaves the station. This is really good news for commuters using the station at night. I understand that Network Rail have been able to change the way the staffing rotas work so the level crossing will now be fully manned. I am very grateful to the staff members for agreeing to these changes.”