St George’s Day

Dartford Town Centre today

This weekend people in Dartford and throughout England will be celebrating St George’s Day.

In Dartford, this is always one of the biggest dates for celebration in our calendar with many organisations, including the Borough Council, joining together to ensure this annual event is marked in style.

It is hoped that this year our town’s annual St George’s Day celebrations will be one of the biggest in England, with entertainment planned in the High Street for two days including a schools’ parade through the town.

Celebrations are being held on both Friday and Saturday and there will be lots going on including Morris dancers performing at One Bell Corner, music in the bandstand and a ‘meet and greet’ with St George.

Many years ago St George’s Day was a major feast day across the country and although we celebrate the event locally this is not the case in many other areas.

I am always really pleased to see the importance our town places on this celebration and I would like to see St George’s Day or the Queen’s birthday become a national public holiday.

I have always felt that either of these events are more important than May Day.

It is good to be proud of our national identity and I believe we should be observing our patron saint’s day as a national holiday like the Scots do with St Andrew’s Day.

I look forward to seeing people throughout the area celebrating this weekend and I really hope Dartford’s celebrations continue to be some of the biggest in England.