Dartford Ale In Commons

Millis Ale

Dartford Ale goes on sale in Parliament

Date: Wed 29th January 2014
KENTISH Best, a Dartford-brewed beer, made its debut as guest ale in Houses of Parliament Strangers Bar on Tuesday.

MP Gareth Johnson was delighted when the guest-ale request for one of Dartford’s Millis Brewery beers was accepted. Mr Johnson welcomed Millis Brewery Owner John Millis and his son Darren to Parliament to enjoy a pint in the world-famous bar.

Drinking his own ale in the bar, Mr Millis said: “This is brilliant, I’m really knocked out, I really am.”

Kentish Best Bitter 4% ABV is one of a number of ales brewed by Dartford’s Millis Brewery Co Lt which is based at St Margarets Farm, South Darenth. The brewery is also well-known for its Dartford Wobbler and Gravesend Guzzler ales.

Mr Millis, who has been brewing for 25 years, described Kentish Best as a clean, malty ale, with a dry and fresh taste as well as a ‘hoppy’ flavour.

The family-run business opened in South Darenth in 2002 and now sells up to 80 casks a week. Kentish Best is made using the brewery’s own live yeast and it takes around two to three weeks to produce.

As well as cask ales, the brewery now sells some of its beer in bottles.

During its week in Parliament, Mr Johnson said he hopes to introduce his colleagues to the beer from his home. Mr Johnson said: “I think this is the first time a Dartford-brewed beer has ever appeared as a guest ale at the House of Commons. This is fantastic news for Dartford and I am very keen to show support for this small family-run business in my constituency.”