Resignation as Government Whip

This week I resigned my position as a Minister in the Government Whips’ Office so I could vote against the Government on the implementation of the European Withdrawal Agreement. This agreement does not respect the outcome of the referendum and does not provide us with Brexit.

Over the past few weeks I have tried to reconcile my duties as a Whip, with my own personal objections to the agreement. However, after much thought and consideration, I realised I could not support the Government’s position as it is detrimental to our nation’s interest.

Here in Dartford, two-thirds of residents voted for Brexit in the Referendum. This was a firm instruction to Members of Parliament to implement Brexit fully.

When it became clear the Prime Minister’s had not secured any further concessions from the EU, I decided my only option was to resign.

I have, throughout my time as a Member of Parliament, been loyal to the Government, but I have always believed that the first duty of an MP is to the country.

The vote this week is set to be the most important vote I have ever cast in the House of Commons and my vote is to try and ensure we can get the best Brexit possible for this country.

I was honoured to serve in the Government and I have always prided myself on being a loyal Member of Parliament but the time had come for me to put my loyalty for the country above my loyalty for the Government.

I am hopeful that in the coming weeks, changes will be made to the agreement with the EU so that we can implement what people voted for.  We need to rediscover our confidence and belief in our country and look towards a brighter future outside of the EU.

As always, as your MP, I will to continue to work for the people of Dartford and fight for the many issues that affect our constituency.