Recruitment of 20,000 new police officers

Last week the Government launched a national campaign to recruit 20,000 new police officers.

In what is being described as the biggest recruitment drive in decades, millions of pounds have been pledged to support the first wave of 6,000 new police recruits who will be shared across the 43 police forces in England and Wales.

A further 14,000 officers will be recruited over the following two years.

I welcome this news and I am pleased that Boris Johnson has acted quickly on his pledge to put more police officers on the streets.

Increasing the number of police officers and focusing on reducing crime is one of the many issues we should be giving our attention to rather than Brexit.

There will be more than 450 more police officers in Kent by the end of this year than in 2016 when Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Scott was elected and this latest Government announcement will mean a further boost to local police officer numbers.

I recently visited the Kent Police control room in Maidstone, where they deal with 999 and 101 calls. It was enlightening to see this professional operation in action and the huge logistical task it takes to manage hundreds of calls every day. One issue that was raised during my visit was that of resources and how more were needed in Kent.

These extra officers will go some way to helping with that issue and respond to the public’s wish to see more police visibility.

This announcement will mean the people of Dartford will soon see more police officers patrolling the streets.

Here in Kent we are very lucky because we have arguably the best police force in the country, but it does need to be well resourced and this announcement will help ensure that happens.