Central Park

Date: Thu 14th April 2011

It was a pleasure to visit the new bandstand in Central Park this week. If you haven’t had a chance to see the new bandstand then I can thoroughly recommend it. It is a traditional Edwardian style structure that proudly sits in the middle of Central Park. I doubt if there are many towns that have seen a structure like this built in recent years but Dartford seems to be witnesses something of a renaissance in Central Park recently.

A programme of events for the bandstand has been put together by Dartford Council, the highlight of which will be a Royal Wedding performance on Sunday 24th April. The programme will include concerts by Jazz musicians, Salvation Army and Dartford’s own Concert Band will play at least twice during the summer. The Dartford Festival in July will also witness two full days of musical entertainment from the bandstand.

The new bandstand is something for Dartford residents to be proud of and literally plays its part in Central Park becoming one of the most envied town parks in the south east. It is yet another reason why Dartford is now being seen as a ‘happening town’.