Our new Prime Minister

Today sees the dawn of a new era in British Politics as Theresa May starts her first full day as Prime Minister.


It was absolutely right for Andrea Leadsom to stand down this week as it means we now have certainty about who is going to lead us through what will be some challenging months ahead. In years to come I am sure that people will look back at this era for British politics and rightly regard it as possibly the most incredible few weeks there has ever been. I know of colleagues of mine who have served as MPs for many years who cannot recall a more remarkable period than this.


I attended the meeting of the Conservative Party’s 1922 committee on Monday which confirmed Mrs May’s position as leader of the Party.  The support for her amongst Conservative MPs is strong but she knows there are testing times ahead which will require a cool nerve and a strong will.


Having been a Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Home Office during the last Parliament, I have seen how capable Theresa May is and I am confident she will do a good job and help stabilise British Politics.


This week also marks the end of an era in our history with the end of David Cameron’s premiership.  Although I have had some disagreements with Mr Cameron during his tenure, I generally found him to be a capable and fair-minded Prime Minister and he will now serve his constituents from the back benches of the House of Commons.


Looking forward, there is a very important job to be done in the next few years in overseeing Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. Theresa May has made it clear that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ so clearly she is rightly determined to respect the outcome of the referendum.


Our new Prime Minister is a very able and experienced politician and I look forward to working with her.