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Date: Thu 19th July 2012

Seven years ago it was announced that London was to host the 2012 Olympic games and now those games are about to begin.   Security issues are currently dominating the news around the games but if the Olympics are successful then that issue will fade and hopefully they will be remembered for the sporting events.

Dartford is proudly sending four athletes to the games out of a total of seven from Kent. To have over half of the Kent based contestants coming from our town is quite extraordinary. I am sure that we will be keeping a special eye out for them.

Like many people I have been unsuccessful in applying for tickets but I will enjoy watching the games on the television. This will almost certainly be the only time in my life when we will host the games and so I very much hope that they will be a success and help to promote a positive image of our country around the globe.

Getting people around the capital is a logistical nightmare for the organisers and I am keen that any problems do not have an impact on Dartford.

The Olympics in London are a once in a lifetime event for this country and I very much hope that they will help to show it at its best.   A few medals for Team GB would be very welcome too.

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