Occupy London Protest

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Date: Mon 31st October 2011


In the last few weeks a group known as ‘Occupy London’ have set up an encampment outside the Stock Exchange at St Paul’s Cathedral.  This has caused a huge amount of disruption to those who use the Cathedral and for people working in the local area.
I believe that everybody has a right to peaceful protest. However all protesters have a responsibility to respect the rights of others. I think it’s shameful that St Paul’s Cathedral has had to close for several days because of this protest.   A national newspaper recently highlighted the fact that these protesters were not even using their tents at night but going home instead. I believe that they have made their point and now should comply with the Bishop of London’s request to leave. Continuing with this protest and the disruption it is causing can only be described as selfish and does nothing to further their cause.
The protestors are actually on private land which is owned by several different entities including St Paul’s Cathedral and the City of London Corporation. I gather that the City of London Corporation’s planning committee is considering taking court action against the demonstrators. As the protestors are on private land, the Government has few powers to force the protesters to leave.
I am pleased that the Cathedral has now re-opened and I hope that those involved in the protest might find a more suitable means of communicating their views to the Government without causing a nuisance to other people.
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