North Korea

This week tensions in the Korean Peninsula increased to a level not seen before, following the country’s testing of another nuclear bomb at the weekend.

This latest test and its sixth since 2006, has prompted tough words from the United States who have suggested the North Korean regime and its leader Kim Jong-Un are ‘begging for war’. The US has warned of a huge military response if it or any of its allies is threatened.

Every day the situation seems to worsen and this week there are further reports the rogue nation is planning more ballistic missile tests in the coming days and weeks.

During her visit to Japan last week, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, stood with Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, in calling for continued pressure on North Korea and tougher action against it to stop its destabilising actions.

Last month, when North Korea threatened to attack Guam, President Trump said he would retaliate with ‘fire and fury’ if any attack happened and I am concerned this could become a reality if the situation continues to escalate. There is a clear danger that the egos of both Trump and Jong-Un prevent a peaceful resolution.

The US has said its patience is not ‘unlimited’ and as time goes by and North Korea’s military might grows stronger. This inevitably means the situation is getting harder and harder to deal with.  No one is suggesting there is an easy military option to this problem and sanctions seem only to make North Korea more determined. China is uniquely positioned to help resolve the situation can do more to bring pressure to bear on its petulant neighbour.

No sane person wants to see a war in the Korean Peninsula but how long the US can ignore the threats against its own people is hard to tell.