New stamp duty rules will help most home buyers in Dartford, says MP Gareth Johnson

Gareth speaking in the House of Commons

Over 99% of home buyers in Dartford who pay stamp duty, are set to benefit from historic new rules announced by the Government today.

The new rules, announced in the autumn statement, mean stamp duty payments will be lower for all properties up to the value of £925,000.

Based on 1,838 housing transactions in the borough of Dartford in the past 12 months to September, just three homes would have passed the figure where more stamp duty will have to be paid under the new regime.

In the remaining 1,835 housing transactions, under the new rules buyers would have had to pay less, or nothing if they were under the £125,000 threshold where stamp duty fees start.

Gareth Johnson MP said: “This will help people in Dartford who are looking to buy a home. Under the new rules, almost all homebuyers here are set to benefit from this new system.

The old stamp duty system hit people hard at certain stages of house price. These changes will provide a more gradual approach and result in far less people paying tax on house purchases.”