National Citizens Service

Date: Thu 16th June 2011


In the coming weeks A-level and GCSE exams will be coming to an end and students in Dartford will have the summer break to look forward to.  Whilst this is a well deserved break for students and a chance to relax it is also the opportunity to gain new skills and take part in different activities.
This summer the National Citizen Service is being piloted in Dartford.  This new summer project for 16 year olds will provide the opportunity to stay away from home for two weeks, taking part in a schedule of activities including outdoor challenges and tasks designed to promote life skills.  Following on from this will be a three to four week community element, where young people will develop social action projects to benefit their area.  Not only will this provide young people with valuable experience of organising projects and fundraising, it will also be of benefit to Dartford.
I hope that programmes such as this one will encourage more young people to volunteer and enjoy helping others as well as obtaining the benefits that such experiences can provide when entering the work place.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish students good luck in their exams and look forward to hearing of their success in the summer. For more information on the National Citizen Service programme can be found at
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