Murder of Lee Rigby

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Date: Thu 30th May 2013

The murder last week of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich shocked us all. This was a cowardly and sickening attack on an unarmed man who, unlike his assailants, was a decent man who contributed to society.

We have experienced terrorist attacks on British soil before and what always happens is that it brings us closer together. The more we are hit by our enemies, the stronger it makes us. This is a characteristic of our country that has not diminished over the years. It is therefore vital Britain responds to this attack in two ways; firstly by using the full force of the law against these criminalsĀ and secondly by continuing to go about our daily lives as before.

There were a couple of extremely courageous acts that helped to ensure nobody else was killed during this incident. The decision to hold back unarmed officers until armed units arrived was extremely significant. This was a brave and correct decision that saved the lives of the unarmed officers. In addition, the courage of onlooker and Cub Scout volunteer Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, who risked her own life by confronting the armed assailants at the scene, was an extraordinarily brave act.

These acts of bravery remind us that even in the most tragic circumstances, there are examples of selflessness and community spirit to admire, and these are qualities terrorists cannot and will not ever erase.

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