MP appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary to David Davis

GJ Transport Questions (2) June 2015

Last week I was asked by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, to become Parliamentary Private Secretary to David Davis, Secretary of State for the Department for Exiting the European Union.

Fifty two per cent of Britons and two-thirds of people in Dartford voted to leave the EU and the Department for Exiting the EU is committed to delivering that decision.

When people voted last year they didn’t vote to be half-in and half-out of the EU. We must leave the single market and the customs union, as only by doing that can we deliver what people voted for.  We will also be able to take back control of our borders – another key reason people voted to leave the EU.

In my role as PPS to David Davis, I will be working with him to ensure the decision of the British people is implemented. I will be working as a link between him as the Minister and the parliamentary party, together with assisting in the department’s work.

There is a huge amount of important work to be done.  In the Queen’s Speech last week there were no less than eight bills announced to bring about Brexit. This is about a third of the legislative agenda for this Parliament and will include the Great Repeal Bill that will convert all current EU law in to British law which will then be adapted for our own benefit.

Brexit will dominate this Parliament and I am pleased to be working at the heart of it and I will do all I can to get the best deal for the people of Dartford and the UK.