Most Wanted images on display in the Orchards

This week an initiative to display ‘most wanted’ images of criminals was announced for Dartford town centre. 

From Tuesday, images of people wanted by Kent Police were set to be displayed on two digital media screens located in the Orchards Shopping Centre. 

The initiative, by CrimeStoppers and Kent Police, is aimed at letting criminals know that Dartford town centre is no place for criminal behaviour. 

These pictures, which will rotate during each hour, will be displayed 24/7 in a bid to make criminals think twice about coming to the town as they will know people might recognise them from the screens and report them.   If you spot someone in the images you can report it to CrimeStoppers.  Peter Rolington, the Chairman of Kent CrimeStoppers said CrimeStoppers is anonymous and ‘members of the public can rest assured that any information they give will be without fear of being identified.’        

I welcome this initiative and I hope it will deter criminals from coming to Dartford. Anybody wanted by the police for a criminal offence should be aware of the clear message that Dartford is not a good place for you to visit.

Clearly, it must only be the faces of known criminals that are displayed but this is a good initiative which I hope brings results. It must be right for criminals to be fearful in Dartford and not law-abiding people.   

In due course it is hoped this scheme will be rolled out to other towns across the UK. 

I hope this initiative will be a success in helping to prevent crime in Dartford and go some way to ensuring those people who have committed an offence are brought to justice.