Lower Thames Crossing

Lower thames crossing image

At the end of July, Highways England published a comprehensive update on the plans for the new Lower Thames Crossing.


Following last year’s public consultation on the LTC, it has been revealed that more than 80% of the 29,493 people who responded, supported the need for a new crossing.


Having campaigned for years for a new crossing, I am not surprised to see such huge support for it.


Here in our town, residents have suffered from the negative effects of the Dartford Crossing for years and an alternative route can’t come soon enough.


It is also pleasing to see that, of the thousands of responses received, 70% support the route, which is planned east of Gravesend, well away from the current crossing.


It is absolutely right that motorists have an alternative to the Dartford Crossing and building this new tunnel, with two 3-lane 70mph roads, will go a long way to improving traffic not only in our area, but throughout the region.


Last month, Highways England announced that investigation work along the planned route has now begun. The work, including boreholes and geophysical surveys, is currently taking place at hundreds of sites along the 14.5-mile route. This work is to look at the soil, rock and groundwater along the route and the results will be used in the design and build of the Lower Thames Crossing.


Highways England has said that the Development Consent Order will now be submitted slightly later, in the summer of 2020, with no impact on the overall opening date of the crossing. This new crossing is well-overdue and cannot come soon enough for the residents of Dartford.