Local Industry

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Date: Wed 3rd April 2013

Recently, I visited the Long Reach Water Treatment facility in Dartford. £40 Million has recently been invested in the site. This will not only improve water quality but also reduce odours in the air by up to 75%.

Although I have never had a complaint about odours from the facility, there is still a clear focus at Long Reach to further reduce the impact of the facility for local residents. Long Reach tends to stay out of the news precisely because of its success in minimising its local impact. We have the luxury of being able to forget about what happens to sewage in Dartford. This is only possible though because of the success of Long Reach which is a valuable and often overlooked facility for Dartford.

Further along the Thames is the J. Clubb sand and aggregate plant, a family owned business whose headquarters is in Wilmington. J.Clubb is another example of the strength of Dartford industry. Founded in 1930, it is now a leading supplier of quarried products and concrete across the south east.

As a small family-run business, J. Clubb is an example of the impact small businesses such as this one can have. We often see their lorries around Dartford and this sight is a testimony to the jobs and training opportunities this company has given this town over many years. The involvement of several members of the Clubb family in local charitable and sporting organisations, is also of huge benefit to the Dartford area.

These two companies are typical of the way local companies provide a vital role in keeping the local economy strong and providing essential goods and services that make up the very fabric of our area.

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