Littlebrook Power Station

Date: Mon 11th July 2011


I recently visited one of Dartford’s true icons – Littlebrook Power Station. The oil -fired power station is the fourth to be built on the site is owned by NPower. Its 720 foot high chimney has looked over Dartford for more than thirty years.
I remember during the Miners strike, in the mid 1980s, how the power station was used to generate power from oil instead of coal. In many ways it had a significant role to play in defeating Arthur Scargill and the striking miners. For months there was smoke billowing from the chimney as a result of the all out drive from the plant to provide electricity to the country.
Today the power station acts a safety net for the National Grid so that it is always ready to generate electricity when peak requirement demands it. Littlebrook is a modern, environmentally friendly, high tech power plant that employs nearly a hundred people and ensures we have a diverse range of energy production across the country.
The last time that it was used to provide much needed electricity to the grid was during the record cold snap in December last year. As is often the case, very cold weather occurs when there is no wind so wind turbines were ineffective. Littlebrook however helped to ensure that we were all able to rely on our electricity supplies when they were most needed.
So the next time you happen to notice one of our most distinctive landmarks please spare a thought for the men and women that work at Littlebrook Power Station and help to ensure that we are all able to take energy supply for granted.
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