Lack of Housing Benefit for migrants

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Date: Thu 23rd January 2014

This week the Government announced that from April  this year new migrant jobseekers coming into Britain from Europe will not be allowed to claim housing benefit.

The Government is determined to cap welfare and reduce immigration as part of its long-term economic plan and ministers want to make sure the system is fair for hard-working taxpayers.

This new policy builds on the rules introduced in January stating that European migrants cannot claim jobseekers allowance until they have been in the country for three months.

Additionally, if they are not financially self-sufficient after six months, then they can be removed from the UK.

It is hoped these reforms will ensure a fairer system – one which provides for genuine workers and jobseekers – and one that prevents people  coming here to take advantage of our benefits system.

We should welcome those who want to contribute to the UK economy but not those who want to exploit the system.

It is right we have a cushion for people who fall on hard times, but it is wrong to facilitate abuse of the system.  I wouldn’t expect to qualify for benefits if I went to live overseas and migrants shouldn’t expect that coming here.

I’m pleased to see we are getting to grips with our welfare system to make it fairer – one which provides support for genuine workers and jobseekers.

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