Labour concerns over election of Paul Nuttall as new UKIP leader

The election of Paul Nuttall as the new UKIP leader has some of my Labour colleagues in Westminster very concerned. They fear he will seek out the working class vote at their expense. Yet the real issue is why has the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn seemingly lost touch with working class people across the country?

With the one exception of Canada, the left are failing around the world. We’ve seen it in the US, France, Spain and here in the UK. When working class people raise concerns such as immigration they feel they are ignored by the left. This, in turn, has led to working class people expressing the view that the left doesn’t represent them anymore.

I had a very working class upbringing and in my experience traditional Labour voters in Dartford are actually quite right wing on some issues such as crime.  They are also very patriotic. How then can a Labour leader who won’t even sing the National Anthem connect with these views?  The politics of Jeremy Corbyn and the politics of traditional Labour supporters in Dartford are worlds apart. Jeremy Corbyn has been clear that he does not want to control immigration and has put more effort in to calling for criminal investigations in to the actions of our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan than in tackling crime in places like Dartford. It is perhaps not surprising then that the working classes feel they are not being listened to by Labour.