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Immigration is a subject I get questions about almost daily. Although significant steps have been taken to tackle the issue, much more needs to be done.

Since the Government was elected in 2010 we have reduced the numbers of people coming into this country compared to the uncontrolled immigration that we previously faced. We have also made significant steps in cutting bogus colleges as well as reducing the number of appeals that can take place on individual immigration cases.

Despite what some people believe, illegal immigrants cannot receive out-of-work benefits but it’s correct to say that when we have too many people coming into this country it places a huge strain on our public services.

Many people are seeking to come to the UK in order to work which is a direct consequence of the large number of jobs created in recent years. Whilst we should always welcome the brightest and the best we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be taken advantage of.

We see hundreds of people in Calais trying to come into this country to achieve a better life for themselves. It is a great disappointment that the French Government is not deporting those people who are illegal immigrants in France but instead leaving it to us to tackle the problem.

To help combat this the UK Government is strengthening its physical security by installing thermo-detection security cameras and enhanced security fencing at the border. Staffing levels have been increased, security patrols extended and technology is being invested in to detect people trying to enter Britain.

There is still much that more we need to do. It is right that we remain a place that welcomes talented people but we should not allow ourselves to be exploited.