Royal Wedding

Date: Thu 21st April 2011

The preparations for the Royal Wedding are now well under way in London. The Royal Couple will marry in Westminster Abbey in a few days and there is no doubt that the levels of anticipation and excitement are growing.

Our Royal Family are probably the most respected institution in the world and something that we can all be rightly proud of. They are truly one of the things that sets Britain apart. Right across Dartford and the rest of the country people will turn on their Televisions to watch the fascinating spectacle. The pomp and ceremony will be unrivalled for any state occasion in the world.

Westminster is currently buzzing with anticipation. There is a noticeable increase in the number of tourists who have flocked to the area. The souvenir stalls here are full of William and Kate  mementos that are being eagerly snapped up by passing pedestrians.

Kent has one of the highest number of street parties in the country and I am pleased that Dartford Council has taken a sensible approach and ensured that street parties have been easy to organise. Common sense has prevailed over unnecessary health and safety regulations.

In a constantly changing world, our Royal Family remains a constant that can be relied upon. Many countries around the world will look on us with a degree of envy in the next few days. We in turn can be very proud of our heritage and traditions and celebrate the occasion. I know that I will.