Hundreds of people sign up to the Dartford Crossing’s new Local Residents’ Scheme


Gareth Johnson MP says he is pleased that many hundreds of people are saving money after signing up to the Dartford Crossing’s new Local Residents’ Discount Scheme.

The scheme means local residents can pay £20 for unlimited journeys over the Crossing and people with light goods vehicles are able to join-up as well. It runs alongside another scheme in which local people are able to pay £10 for 50 journeys across the Crossing.

Connect Plus Services, which works on behalf of the Highways Agency to manage the Crossing, said 307 customers have chosen to register an LGV to the scheme, whilst 1,955 people have switched from the old scheme to the new £20 scheme.

Since March, a further 1825 new customers have joined-up to either one of the schemes. In total, more than 4000 people are benefiting from the local residents’ discount.

Mr Johnson said: “The figures show that hundreds of people have taken advantage of the enhanced local residents’ scheme since it was introduced in March. This is the first time that small businesses have been able to take advantage of any scheme and I am pleased to see more than 300 local people have registered their light goods vehicle.

I have spoken to local tradesmen who have taken advantage of the scheme and this has been an enormous help to them carrying out their business between Kent and Essex.

Whilst we all want to see the tolls scrapped completely, these figures show using the Crossing has been made much cheaper for local residents.

The removal of the toll booths in October will help tackle the congestion and this can’t come soon enough.

I would urge anyone who would benefit from the scheme and is eligible to sign up to it as soon as possible.”