Date: Thu 16th September 2010

Last Friday I visited the Home-Start North West Kent charity run by a dedicated team and based in Temple Hill Square.  They provide an excellent service by training volunteers to help vulnerable families. They are one of the many groups in Dartford who selflessly help out local people with little recognition in return.  I am continuously amazed at the dedication shown by groups like Home Start. Many families rely on them and the future of the help that they provide relies on the work of the volunteers that they recruit. Perhaps you might be interested in becoming involved?

They carry out an extremely valuable service by helping families with a range of problems including mental health difficulties, child development, special needs and bereavement. Their volunteers are given free training, support and travel expenses so if you would like to join them then please get in touch with them directly. Volunteers are carefully matched to a family who they are best suited to support.

Each family receives six to eighteen months of weekly home visiting, gradual confidence building, plus encouragement to access local groups, Childrens Centres etc, often accompanied by their volunteer.  The benefits for all concerned are obvious and assist with bonding families, employment opportunities and strengthening the whole community.

In addition to recruiting new volunteers, Home Start are looking for experts who can help with training or companies that are willing to sponsor a volunteer.

The next training dates start soon so please do get in touch with them if you think that you may be able to help in any way. You can contact them on:

Home-Start, 2 Temple Hill Square, Dartford  DA1 5HZ Tel: 01322 225 100 Email: