Global Warming

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Date: Tue 4th October 2011

The recent good weather has been a real treat for us all. Seaside towns enjoyed an unexpected surge in trade over the weekend as people rushed to the coast in their thousands to enjoy our belated, Indian summer. The terrible summer we had seems to have increased the enthusiasm of people making the most of the record breaking temperatures. For the first time this year the smell of barbeques filled the air.

How different all of this enjoyment would have been had this belated summer occurred a few years ago. Back then we would have been continuously informed that this was all a product of global warming and that the seasons were effectively a thing of the past. Yet now it is rare for anyone to claim that warm weather is the product of manmade interference with our environment.

Peoples’ levels of scepticism about global warming seem to have increased. Perhaps it is due to a succession of bad summers and cold winters but fewer people seem to accept that we have global warming at all, let alone man made global warming. Two years ago it was revealed that the leading climate change research centre at the University of East Anglia had thrown away the original data on temperature changes. This seemed to completely undermine the theories of many scientists on manmade global warming and lead some to call the whole thing a giant sham.

Whatever the truth is about our planet’s climate, we were all able to enjoy a wonderful sunny end to the summer. It brought a real lift to the whole country.

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