George Low

Three years ago this month, Dartford resident George Low was murdered on the last day of his holiday in Cyprus.

George, 22, was with his friend Ben Barker in Ayia Napa when the pair were stabbed in an unprovoked attack. George was killed and Ben, who was seriously injured, survived the attack.

Since then, no one has faced justice for these crimes and the two suspects are thought to be living freely in Turkey.

Last month, I attended the inquest into George’s death, which was held in Maidstone, where the Coroner read out evidence of events on the night and recorded that George had been killed unlawfully.

George’s parents are devastated at the loss of their son. It is every parent’s worst nightmare for their child to go on holiday and not return. What has made this so much worse for them, their family and their friends, is that no one has ever been brought to justice for his killing.

Since George was murdered, I have tried all avenues to seek justice for him. Last year I travelled to Cyprus to meet Government Ministers, senior police officers and the Attorney General in a bid to have those responsible for George’s murder returned to Cyprus and put before the courts. However, because of the complicated political situation in Cyprus, the suspects have been able to evade justice.

Some progress has been made, but the two suspects, Sali Ahmet and Mehmet Akpinar remain at large.

More recently, I met with the Turkish Ambassador and the Turkish authorities are working with Kent police to try and find these two men.

No parent should lose a child in these circumstances and I will continue to do everything in my power to fight for justice for George and Ben.