George Low

Last week I travelled to Cyprus on a two-day mission to seek justice for one of my constituents who was murdered there two years ago.

George Low was just 22 went he was stabbed to death in Ayia Napa. He was with his friend Ben Barker, also from Dartford, who was stabbed but survived the attack.

Since then no one has been convicted for these crimes and the two main suspects have evaded justice despite being held in prison for different crimes.

During my visit I met with Ministers from both the north and south of Cyprus, as well as the police, High Commissioner, Attorney General and friends of George and Ben.

I decided to head to Cyprus because diplomatic options had largely been exhausted in the UK. I have worked closely with the families for the past two years and during this time they have had very little information from the Cypriot Authorities. I concluded the only way there was likely to be any further progress was for me to travel to Cyprus to speak directly with those who are responsible for bringing the murderers to justice.

I did make some progress during my visit, despite having to deal with a political dispute that has been going on for 45 years. However, we are still some way off reaching a solution.

For the family of George Low, the last two years have been a living nightmare. They lost their son in the prime of his life to an unprovoked, vicious attack, but in addition to this they have had to witness the men, who are believed to have carried out this murder, walk away scot free. They remain devastated by their loss.

I am convinced the solution lies in Cyprus and I will continue in my quest for answers until justice has prevailed. I will not be content until the people who murdered George and tried to kill Ben are behind bars.