General Election

Election night 2017 - GJ speech edited version 2

It has certainly been an interesting time in British politics.

I am extremely proud to be re-elected for the third time to represent Dartford and very grateful to everyone who supported me.  Whilst I am obviously pleased to increase my majority and my share of the vote to 58%, I am determined to stand-up for all Dartfordians however they voted.

Following last week’s win, Dartford remains Britain’s longest bellwether seat and although I am disappointed the Conservative Party does not have an overall majority, it is now for our party to move forward and create a Government that will work for everyone.

Although the Conservatives clearly won the election, it wasn’t the result we were hoping for and we need to learn the lessons from that. It was also not the result the Labour Party were seeking.  Jeremy Corbyn and his party may be claiming the election was some kind of victory, but the fact remains the Labour Party got 56 fewer seats than us. It is an odd change in attitude for a party to view being nearly 70 seats short of a majority as a victory.

Looking to the future, a minority Government will present many challenges but we have to do all we can to make it work and provide stability for the UK.  This General Election was held just two years after the last one and followed on from the County Council elections and only last year we had the EU Referendum. I sense there is no appetite for another election and understandably, the last thing people want is to go to the polls again.  We therefore have to do all we can to make the current situation work for Britain and to ensure we have a Government that works for everyone.

I am looking forward to my next term and having the opportunity to continue serving the people of Dartford, who will always be my priority.