Gareth Johnson welcomes the ending of the menace of rogue wheel-clampers

Date: Thu 2nd September 2010

Gareth Johnson welcomes the announcement by the government of the banning of wheel clamping on private land in England and Wales, ending the menace of rogue private sector wheel-clampers once and for all.

Commenting, Gareth said: “For too long motorists have fallen victim to unscrupulous tactics by many clamping firms. Reports of motorists being marched to cash points or left stranded after their car has been towed are simply unacceptable”.

This activity will cease once the ban is in place. The ban will be introduced in the Government’s Freedom Bill in November and will come into force shortly after Royal Assent. Once the ban is implemented, parking companies will not be able to clamp or tow away a motorist’s car and they will be committing a criminal offence or be subject to civil sanction if they do so. The ban will apply to private land only. There are already arrangements in place to regulate clamping by local authorities on public land, including independent appeals tribunals. These arrangements will continue. The ban will also apply to other forms of vehicle immobilisation and also to towing away.

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