Gareth Johnson pays tribute to IVF prioneer Professor Sir Robert Edwards

Date: Sun 14th April 2013

Professor Edwards, a Nobel Prize winner who was also knighted in 2011, passed away today at the age of 87 following a long illness. He spent over five decades researching and pioneering research in the IVF field, and his work led to the birth of the first so-called “test-tube baby” in 1978.

Mr. Johnson, Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Infertility who has led numerous campaigns in Parliament to improve and expand IVF provision for couples in the UK, said that it was ‘a sad day not only for those who knew him, but for those who, without his work, faced the very real possibility of living life without children of their own.’

Writing today, Gareth paid his own personal tribute to Professor Edwards;

“I was sad to hear of the death of Professor Edwards, a man who devoted his life and career to IVF research. I and many others owe him a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid for counteracting the view that the inability to conceive children naturally is something that should just be accepted. His world-class research opened doors that some never thought possible, and his outstanding, British led contribution to this field of science must never be forgotten.”