Gareth Johnson on Budget: No Sale of Dartford Crossing or an increase in tax is needed

Dartford Crossing at sunset. small

Date: Wed 21st July 2010

On Friday, 18th June, Gareth Johnson MP for Dartford, met members of his constituency at the Dartford Crossing who were demonstrating against a feared increase in toll charges ahead of this week’s budget.  The former Labour Government had proposed to sell-off the crossing and both Gareth and the demonstrators were against an increase in charges and a sell-off.

Gareth said: “I have made representations to the Chancellor and the transport team to put forward the view that Dartford residents are suffering because of congestion at the Dartford Crossing. I have appealed to them not to announce any sale of the Dartford Crossing in the Budget as I believe that a private company would have their shareholders and profits to consider rather than the long suffering motorist.