Gareth Johnson MP welcomes the news that the Department for Transport will not be increasing the tolls at the Dartford Crossing

Date: Thu 24th November 2011


Today Gareth Johnson MP for Dartford has welcomed the news that the there will be no increase in the cost of tolls at the Dartford Crossing in either November 2011 or in April 2012 as suggested in a recent public consultation.

Gareth said “This is welcome news for motorists using the crossing and for the local economy just before Christmas.  An increase in the tolls would have had a huge impact on businesses in the surrounding areas and I am pleased to hear that the Department of Transport have responded to this concern”.

Gareth added “I would still like to see the tolls scrapped for good and will continue to campaign for this. The most immediate fear we had was over potential toll increases this month. It is a really positive thing that the Roads Minister has listened to the thousands of people who responded to the consultation and delayed the increase. We have Bluewater shopping centre on one side of the crossing and Lakeside on the other and so an increase in the tolls at this crucial time for retail would have been a huge blow for the local economy. Common sense has prevailed.