Gareth Johnson MP has IVF success with PCTs

Date: Thu 13th January 2011

Following MP Gareth Johnson raising the issue of a number of PCTs suspending or withdrawing fertility services, David Flory, Deputy NHS Chief Executive, has published a letter to all PCTs outlining the Coalition Government’s position on the provision of infertility treatment in the light of recent disinvestment.

It supports the NICE guideline, stressing the importance of commissioners having regard for its recommendations, and includes the comment that, “I am aware that many PCTs have made successful progress in implementing the existing NICE recommendations. I hope that their achievements can inspire those who have not yet made the same progress to move more rapidly towards implementation.”

Gareth said: “I am delighted that Mr Flory has reminded PCTs of their obligations to offer three cycles of IVF treatment to infertile couples. It is quite wrong that some PCTs have chosen to disregard these guidelines and offer less than three cycles of IVF and in some instances no cycles at all.   I hope that this letter will help to ensure that infertile couples receive the treatment they deserve.”