Gareth Johnson MP: Berates Southeastern for trains during bad weather

Date: Wed 8th December 2010

Today, Southeastern trains received a grilling from Kent MPs, including Gareth Johnson, about the appalling train service during the recent bad weather.

Gareth said: “I told Charles Horton, the Managing Director that many people checked the Southeastern web site and read that there were trains running yet when they got to the local station there were none. Obviously people endured precarious journeys to the station on a false promise from Southeastern that they would be able to get to work. I am a commuter and so I share the frustrations people have experienced in  trying to get back and forth to London. Inadequate information was provided to Radio Kent or to help lines or help points on the platforms. When there are problems on the roads people can obtain up to date information, clearly this should also be the case with train routes.

“In my opinion, the service in the snow hasn’t improved in thirty years, if anything it has got worse. It has been made clear to Southeastern that if the service does not improve then there will be objections to the renewal of their franchise. There are things that they do well but this recent snow has highlighted deficiencies in their communications and ability to run services in the snow’.