Gareth Johnson MP and Cllr John Burrell hold Network Rail accountable for manning Stone Crossing Station

In 2014 Network Rail provided Gareth Johnson MP and Cllr John Burrell, the Chairman of Stone Parish Council, with assurances that Stone Crossing Station would be manned from the first to the last train. Recently this has not happened.

Gareth Johnson said “Over recent weeks the crossing has been manned only between 5am and 5pm. I am advised this is due to a combination of staff sickness and annual leave. This is unacceptable. Leaving the crossing unmanned is dangerous and means that the only alternative for users is the use of a dark, overgrown alleyway.

 Network Rail have assured me they will remedy this dangerous situation and are optimistic that the Crossing will be fully staffed by next week. I have made it clear to Network Rail that if the situation is not back to normal next week there need to be urgent contingency plans implemented.”

Cllr John Burrell visited the Station this morning and has said; “I made it clear to Network Rail that their failure to provide adequate staffing levels places commuters in danger. We cannot allow people to be placed in a vulnerable situation when arriving at the station at night.”