Forthcoming Budget

GJ Chamber wide view 300614

This month, in my position at the Treasury under Chancellor George Osborne, I am helping to prepare for next month’s budget which will seek to build on the achievements the Government has made in the last five years.

As well as taking millions of people out of income tax, we have reduced fuel and beer duty, frozen council tax and reduced stamp duty for home buyers.

The improvements in the economy are now coming to fruition and the economic plan we have for the future is on track. But we are not completely out of the woods yet so it is imperative we keep going in the right direction and stick to the plan.

In Dartford we have seen lots of new businesses opening in the past few years offering new job opportunities for our community and reductions in corporation tax will go a long way to helping these businesses.

During the past two weeks I have visited two growing businesses which are expanding and creating jobs, including positions for young people and apprentices. It is great to see young people so enthusiastic about their work and looking forward to bright futures.

With this in mind, I hope the budget, which is the most significant date in the economic calendar, will build on the solid foundations we have laid to ensure prosperity for the future.