Flight MH17


Last week the world witnessed the tragic loss of a passenger plane and all the people on board after it was shot down by a surface to air missile over Eastern Ukraine.

All 298 people on Flight MH17 travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, including 10 UK citizens and as many as 80 children, were killed in the attack.

People from across the world have lost friends and family in this tragedy making it a truly global event.

The suffering of the victims’ families has been compounded by reports of the looting of their possessions and interference with the evidence. The work of investigation teams has been prevented by the Russian backed separatists.  There is also growing anger by the lack of action from Moscow and its president Vladimir Putin.

We need to ensure we have an independent investigation into what happened to flight MH17 and I would like Europe to increase its sanctions against Russia.  I hope that in the coming days investigators get proper access to the crash site and the bodies of those who have lost their lives are returned to their loved ones.

Families want information and answers and we must ensure we get to the bottom of this terrible tragedy.