Fixed Odds Betting Terminals

This week, the Government announced a consultation on changes to gaming machines as part of a range of measures to protect consumers and communities.

The 12-week consultation will look at a range of options on cutting maximum stakes of B2 gaming machines, otherwise known as Fixed Odds Betting Terminals, from £100 to between £50 and £2. 

The aim is to reduce the potential for large losses and the possible harmful impact this has on players and their wider communities.

The consultation will also look at the allocations of gaming machines permitted in all licensed premises and social responsibility measures for the industry to minimise the risk of gambling-related harm.  As well as this, the Government is also looking at stronger protections around online gambling and a new industry-led responsible gambling advertising campaign.

I welcome this consultation and hope lots of people take part to ensure the broadest range of views are collected. 

Access to gambling is everywhere in today’s society from high street betting shops and pubs to big casinos and online. 

No one is trying to say people shouldn’t have a flutter or a bet, but these gaming machines enable people to spend a lot of money in a very short space of time. Responsible gambling is a perfectly acceptable pastime, however problems arise when people are unable to control it.

If people, or their family members, have had experience of these gaming machines and have strong views on them, they may want to take part in this consultation.

The consultation runs until January 23, for more detail, visit: