Every Mind Matters

This week Public Health England and the NHS have joined forces to launch a new mental health support and awareness tool.

The Every Mind Matters website offers simple steps to help people to look after their mental health, improve their mental well-being and support people around them.

The easy-to-use website has guidance about some mental health issues including stress, anxiety, low mood and sleeping problems, with simple tips on how to help people.

Public Health England say that around 80% of people have experienced the early signs of poor mental health with many waiting months before seeking help.

In the last few years, the Government has been working hard to increase funding and improve access to mental health services throughout the country.

We know that that around a quarter of adults and one in 10 children will experience a mental health illness at some point. This is an issue that we haven’t, as a country, ever properly tackled, so I welcome this new initiative.

On Monday night, an advert for the website was launched, featuring members of the Royal family and well-known public figures. Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were featured in the short film which aims to promote this new online tool.

As well as providing information, users can complete a quiz on the website which then sets out a simple action plan to help people with their mental health. It also links to various organisations and charities who can offer support.

Mental health issues can affect anyone, at any age and it is good to see people talking openly about this.

I am very pleased we are now starting to move in the right direction and treating mental health as the priority is deserves to be.

This new website is a good addition to the services already available, but we must work hard to ensure that everyone who needs help is able to access the services they require.