Date: Thu 11th November 2010

I recently visited the EllenorLions Hospice in Dartford and was heartened by the dedication of the staff.  EllenorLions Hospices cares for adults and children and whilst on my visit I met one of their children’s nurses who is funded by a local company, Ward and Partners, and I extend my warm thanks to their continued sponsorship.

When a child has a serious condition and may not live into adulthood, families face an extremely difficult time.  One of the difficulties is when the child has to leave the comfort, security and proximity of the family home for treatment or respite at a hospital or hospice.

The Hospice at Home specialists, ‘chYps’, offers a different approach to palliative and end of life care.  Instead of the child coming to the hospice, the hospice comes to them.  This allows the child and Mum, Dad, brothers and sisters to stay together.

Their purpose is to enable Children and Young People with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions to receive clinical care and support in their place of choice, which is overwhelmingly in their own home.  In doing this, they support and care for the whole family.

This work cannot go ahead unless they have funding from private donors or sponsors who would like to contribute towards the cost of any or part of their service.  If there is anyone out there who would like to sponsor one of the EllenorLions nurses then please contact the Hospice team on (01322) 221315.