Ebbsfleet Garden City

GJ at Ebbsfleet Station cropped

Last week’s announcement to create a Garden City in Ebbsfleet has confirmed to me that Dartford has the most exciting prospects of anywhere in the UK at the moment.

The new plans to build 15,000 homes, with a pledge of up to £200 million for infrastructure and the formation of a development corporation with local representation to progress the plan, is bold and ambitious.

This is just part of the area’s future, with the proposals by Paramount to build a theme park in the Swancombe Peninsula, regeneration of the town centre and plans to expand Bluewater.

I hope the development of Ebbsfleet will help ease the housing pressures in the South East and all the current proposals will create thousands of jobs and investment opportunities for people living in the area.

As we move to this new era of development, it is vital that local people are at the heart of the decision-making process. There must be a role for Dartford Borough Council, which has actively sought to make the development happen in recent years and there must be opportunities for local people to voice their thoughts and suggestions.

The possibilities for our area are endless and I am delighted to represent a place with these exciting opportunities. A lot of work remains to be done in order to fully realise the potential we have but I am confident that there will be many positive changes around Dartford in the near future.

I have always recognised and believed in the huge potential in this area. I may be biased but this is what makes it the constituency with the most exciting prospects in the country.



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