Driving whilst Disqualified

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Date: Thu 8th May 2014

Drivers who cause death or serious injury on the roads, whilst banned from driving, will face long jail sentences when new laws are implemented next year.

This week’s announcement by the Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, means disqualified drivers will face up to ten years in prison if they cause death and up to four years imprisonment if they cause serious injury.

This announcement follows a long-running campaign by me and others to persuade the Government to tackle this issue.

The current maximum sentence faced by a driver who causes death whilst driving when disqualified is just two years in prison and there is no specific offence of causing serious injury by driving whilst disqualified.

These much tougher maximum sentences are designed to reflect the devastating impact on victims and their families by people who have a complete disregard for the law.

Driving whilst disqualified is not only contempt of court, it is committed by people who have already shown they have a poor driving record and it is always aggravated by the fact they don’t have insurance.

People who are hit by a disqualified driver not only sustain injuries, but end up paying for their own medical rehabilitation, loss of earnings and any other expenses because the disqualified driver cannot be insured.

The consequences can be catastrophic and those who choose to defy a driving ban should be punished severely.

It is right we are clamping down on this and sending a very clear message.

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