Donald Trump

Last week, President Trump arrived in Europe to meet his NATO allies and visit the UK before heading off to Finland to meet with Russia’s President Putin.

This three-stop visit has been controversial to say the least.

During his visit to Europe to meet NATO, it has been reported that President Trump clashed with the German leader Angela Merkel and he asked the allies to raise their defence spending from 2% to 4%. He called-out the countries who failed to pay the expected 2% and used Twitter to reiterate this saying the ‘US is paying for Europe’s protection, then loses billions on trade’.

Following this, Mr Trump arrived in Britain, where he held talks with Prime Minister Theresa May and met with Her Majesty The Queen. During this time, he suggested the Prime Minister sue the EU over Brexit as well as stating that the US and UK have ‘the highest level of special’ relationship.

Whilst these meetings were taking place, thousands of people around the UK were protesting on the streets about the President’s visit.

After the summit, Mr Trump travelled to Scotland and played golf, prior to his visit to Helsinki to meet with the Russian President. On Monday, during an extraordinary joint press conference with Putin, he seemed to defend Russia over claims it interfered with the elections of 2016.

Mr Trump has now returned to America where he will no doubt have to defend his actions during his visits and I look forward to following the outcome of this.

Since his election, Trump has been the most contradictory president ever. He seems to say something and after it is reported and discussed, he then claims it’s ‘fake news’.

I have previously set out in this column how I am not a fan of Donald Trump but it is right we engage with him given he is the democratically elected leader of our most powerful ally.


Unfortunately, we may never really get to understand how Trump operates, but what we do know is that he often changes his opinions. He seems to voice one opinion one minute and then Tweet a different view the next. 

So, as we wait to see how America views this trip, only time will tell if it has been positive for the UK in the long run.