Delay Repay – Southeastern

GJ at Dartford station

Last week the Government announced that Delay Repay 15 will be introduced on Southeastern trains in November.

This means that any passenger who faces a train delay of more than 15 minutes will be able to claim a refund for part of their ticket. At the moment, compensation starts for delays of 30 minutes or more.

I am delighted that the Government has announced this new measure, which will cover travel on Southeastern trains across Dartford.

I have repeatedly asked the Government to introduce Delay Repay 15 in a bid to deter the rail company from regularly running trains up to 30 minutes late. I hope that this will lead to less delays.

Passengers in Dartford want a cost-effective train service they can rely on, so they can have confidence in using the local trains.

Whilst making this announcement the Government has also said £250,000 will be made available to improve accessibility at stations on the Southeastern network to allow more people the opportunity to travel on the trains.

As I have said before in the House of Commons, I hope that when the new franchise operator is announced for the South Eastern network in the near future, a key part of the agreement will be ensuring smart ticketing will be available at all stations across Dartford.

Since Oyster was introduced in Dartford in September 2015, the number of people travelling to and from the station increased significantly.  In 2015/16 there were 3,449,539 journeys compared to 4,163,916 journeys in 2017/18.


Having a reliable train service, with modern trains, smart ticketing and the opportunity to claim a refund if the service is delayed is imperative for local commuters


People in Dartford deserve a good rail service and this new measure will go a long way to ensuring that if the service is not up to standard, passengers will be fairly compensated.